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How can a lawyer help with a property damage insurance claim

There was a time when filling out forms for a property damage claim then submitting them to an insurance company was an uncomplicated experience. A property owner only had to provide their damage claim form and wait to get a fair reimbursement. Insurance companies now are very focused on minimizing…

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Can I Be Arrested If Caught Carrying A Glass Bong?

The answer to the question if you can be arrested if found to be carrying a glass bong is not a simple yes or no. There are many factors involved which can determine that such as whether there are drugs in the bong at the time, the criminal or arrest…

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Can I be Charged with a Los Angeles DUI Charge and Los Angeles Probation Violation Charge Simultaneously for One Incident?

This is a common question that our firm gets asked all the time. There are situations when a series of facts on incidents occur that end up resulting in several charges being levied against an individual all at the same time. Most people are under that assumption that all of…

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