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When you enlist in the United States Military, you do so with the intent to focus on your job and do it well. You are someone who works to keep the entire nation safe, and it’s crucial you do your job correctly or risk an administrative separation hearing. Much like working a regular job in the civilian world, this type of hearing is used when someone is not performing their job duties correctly. It is the hope of the United States Military that all people enlisted have a deep desire to serve and protect, but some people can’t do their jobs appropriately at times.

If you are in trouble at work, you get reprimanded or fired following an investigation. The same is true in the military, only it’s referred to as an administrative separation hearing. It’s devastating to families because this is often the main source of their income, their health insurance, and many other benefits they cannot live without. If you are called in for an administrative separation hearing, you might want to contact a military criminal attorney to work with you to prove your case and help you keep your job.

Why Am I Being Forced to Go Through Administrative Separation Hearings?

There are numerous reasons you might be involuntarily placed in this situation in the military. It’s not always ideal, but it’s for a purpose.

– You are not correctly performing your required duties
– You are performing your required duties but you are not doing it well
– You are not performing your required duties
– You are not in line with the physical fitness requirements set forth by the military
– You are insubordinate
– You are accused of misconduct
– You are accused of dereliction
– You are using drugs
– You were arrested and charged with a criminal violation

If you believe these claims are unfounded, you can hire an attorney to fight for you. You need a military attorney with proper experience and knowledge as well as one with a military background. It’s the only way you can have charges such as these overturned as quickly as possible so you can get back to earning a living for your family.

What Should I Do if I’m Accused?

If you are accused of any of these charges, you must first ask yourself if it is a valid charge. Are you doing your job and doing it well? Were you accused of something and arrested for it? Were you insubordinate? Did you fail to meet physical fitness requirements? Can you ask for additional time to make changes to your lifestyle to attain the appropriate level of fitness?

If these charges are true, there might not be much you can do but admit to them and ask for forgiveness and another chance. If they are not true and completely unfounded, you should fight for your job. If you have life issues going on that are distracting you from your work and your ability to do it correctly, it’s a consideration in your case.

Another common issue when these kinds of charges are filed is PTSD. When soldiers return from active duty overseas, they sometimes suffer from something called Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. It’s difficult to see and do the things that men and women in the military do, and some people cannot handle it. Some are injured and have a difficult time dealing with that. There are almost always considerations the military fails to make when charging someone with this type of crime.

Call An Attorney

If you are being required to attend an administrative separation hearing that jeopardizes your entire future and you believe you have a valid reason for fighting the charges, call an attorney. A military criminal attorney is familiar with this version of the law, with the different requirements the military has in place, and with the general law. You might have a chance if you take the time to consult with an attorney. You deserve a chance to make things right with your job, and now is the time to hire an attorney to ensure your future isn’t in jeopardy from this.