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Raiser & Kenniff is a premier military criminal defense law firm. Our team of military criminal lawyers has over 50 years of combined experience, handling all types of criminal defense cases, both military and civil. Our founding partners were both former JAG Officers and Former Prosecutors in New York. Some of our military criminal attorneys have handled some of the toughest criminal defense cases in the USA.
Our military criminal lawyers have experiences handling tough cases that other military criminal defense law firms turn down. If you are accused of committing a crime, we encourage you to contact our law firm immediately. We are available 24/7 to help you get legal help with your case. Regardless of where your case is, we can travel to you. Our attorneys have experience in most major courts.

Military DRUG DISTRIBUTION Criminal Lawyers

In recent years, the U.S. Armed Forces have fallen under tremendous controversies, and those who serve and defend this country have found it more difficult every year. This decade has brought unbelievable contention with the gender issues that are becoming apparent and the continual issue of illegal drugs among the enlisted.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, there is more illegal drug use, especially prescription drugs, in the armed forces than ever before. The rates between 2002 and 2005 have more than doubled, and prescription drug use between the years 2005 and 2008, has tripled.

The armed services mirror the illegal drug growth in non-military America, too. With more arrests on the streets of the cities, more have also been arrested in every branch of the military, and as prescription abuse has risen in recent years, so has the illegal drug use and distribution.

In the larger cities, meth and heroin have returned to popularity with a vengeance, and the military similarly shows that the numbers have risen exponentially. The most popular drugs both inside and outside of the military are opiates, painkillers, sedatives, stimulants and marijuana and cocaine, and they have always been available to the military personnel.

New classes of synthetic drugs have appeared and become popular in Armed Forces as well. They include synthetic cathinone called bath salts, synthetic marijuana or Spice or K2 and N-bomb or Smiles, which is a mescaline derivative that produces hallucinations. No matter what the mind-altering substance is, all are found in the Armed Forces at an astounding rate, and the military personnel who are arrested and found guilty are paying a tremendous price.

If you are enlisted in any branch of the military and are arrested using, possessing or distributing any of the illegal drugs, it is a serious offense. Any offense that brings you before a judge in the Armed Forces is serious because in the military you will be tried not only for the offense but also your service record and career will come before the judge. It will be a court-martial that will decide if you will be demoted or even remain in the service at all.

The attorneys at Raiser and Kenniff Law Firm are a team of experienced defense lawyers who know the grave and serious nature of a military charge. The Uniform Code of Military Justice or UCMJ holds the code of military criminal law and the procedures that must be adhered to in an arrest. With over 50 years experience, the attorneys of Raiser and Kenniff Law Firm in New York are experts in Military Law.

Any involvement in the distribution of drugs, in any division of the armed forces, results in a process that could lead to harsh punishments if you are found guilty. A drug and alcohol urinalysis is required and must pass three phases. If it is positive, military careers are often destroyed, so if you are found guilty, it is best to contact an experienced defense lawyer immediately.

In the military, drug charges are handled differently from those in civil courts. After the urinalysis has been confirmed, a lawyer will be able to help with situations such as PTSD or traumatic brain disorder involving alcohol and drug use. Some arrested may be addicted to drugs and alcohol and qualify to be sent to a rehabilitation center. These are situations that your defense attorney can help you with as they have expert knowledge of military law. At Raiser and Kenniff, you have the expertise of the whole team behind you.

Drug cases are typically handled through administrative action. More serious cases result in some form of court-martial. Drug distribution arrests are prosecuted under the Military Law Article 112a, and their result is in a special or general court-martial. There is no easy way out.

The team at Raiser & Kenniff are premier military criminal defense lawyers and work 24/7 for the best interests of their clients. Contact one of our three locations for a free consultation as soon as possible. From our founding fathers into recent years, our firm has won the most difficult cases both in military law and civil law in the state of New York.

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Tom was assigned to me through the Trial Defense Unit of the NY Army National Guard. He was my representation while I faced a Flight Evaluation Board. Through his already robust knowledge of Military protocols and his enthusiasm with educating himself on Aviation centric regulations we were able to show up to the board prepared and from a position of strength. This preparedness, combined with his powerful courtroom presence led to a favorable decision by the board for me. As far as military matters are concerned I could have asked for no better representation. Thank you Tom.



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