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Military Criminal Lawyers

Over 100 Years Of Combined Experience
Raiser & Kenniff is a premier military criminal defense law firm. Our team of military criminal lawyers has over 50 years of combined experience, handling all types of criminal defense cases, both military and civil. Our founding partners were both former JAG Officers and Former Prosecutors in New York. Some of our military criminal attorneys have handled some of the toughest criminal defense cases in the USA.
Our military criminal lawyers have experiences handling tough cases that other military criminal defense law firms turn down. If you are accused of committing a crime, we encourage you to contact our law firm immediately. We are available 24/7 to help you get legal help with your case. Regardless of where your case is, we can travel to you. Our attorneys have experience in most major courts.

Military VIOLENT CRIMES Criminal Lawyers

We’re a proud military criminal law firm that employs some of the finest legal minds in America. Our lawyers are former criminal prosecutors in New York and former JAG officers, two very distinguished classes of professionals who have vast experience in a diverse array of legal matters. Bringing this experience into the military world isn’t all that difficult and we’re proud to have a combined 50 plus years of legal experience in just about any type of criminal defense case you can imagine. If you’re charged with violent crimes in the military, we are the team to call on.

Assault in the military

Assault in the military is recognized in two differing degrees, as set forth in article 123. The first is simple assault and the second is aggravated assault. Both of these crimes are extremely serious and will go before a court-martial. Either of these offenses is something that the military frowns upon and strongly punishes. They’re not something to defend yourself against. You’ll need an experienced military criminal lawyer.

Many people are unaware of the concrete facts behind a simple assault. You don’t necessarily have to physically touch someone to assault them. It’s a threat or attempt to injure another party. Sometimes the victim may be struck and sometimes they may simply be threatened. These cases can sometimes be easier to defend, especially if no use of force was used in the end.

The second type of assault is aggravated assault which involves the use of a deadly weapon or other means which will cause injury or even death. If the victim is an officer, child under the age of 16, or law enforcement, the charges can be much more serious to defend.

Manslaughter and murder charges in the military

The military correctly takes charges of manslaughter and murder to be the most serious charges to be tried by court martial. Needless to say, a violent crime which ends the life of someone in the military or out is going to draw the most scrutiny among the many violent crimes to be tried by court martial. Articles 118 and 119 cover murder and manslaughter respectively.

Murder which is committed in the act of a burglary, sodomy, rape, robbery, or aggravated arson will sometimes result in more serious sentences than another type of murder charge. Needless to say, murder is the result of a very violent assault that was perpetrated with the intention of causing “great bodily harm.”

Manslaughter is a bit less intention and might be committed in a temporary fit of passion, without the initial intent to do great bodily harm. For example, negligence is a good way to think of a manslaughter charge. Someone who drinks and drive may cause a collision which takes someone else’s life but it was not their initial intention to cause “great bodily harm” to the other person. It happened because they were negligent. These cases are easier to defend than murder charges that insinuate a person intended to take the life of another human being. Few people – civilian or military personnel – understand the kind of malice it takes to WANT another human being’s life to end.

Our Defense For Violent Charges

The penalties for committing violent crimes in the military will justifiably be harsh and include a good many years of confinement. This is not the type of case to take on yourself. If you’ve been charged with a serious violent charge in the military, there’s no time to lose. Contact our offices and begin your journey back to sanity and safety. Our experienced lawyers have taken on some of the toughest cases in the country and we passionately defend your actions in a way that few other law firms would even begin to understand.

We’ve seen a lot in our time in the court room. Few charges or circumstances haven’t crossed our path. Consider our excellent track record in defending our clients against violent crime charges and you’ll agree that we’re the right team for the job. We have the legal knowledge, experience, and passion for justice that it takes to successfully win a violent military crime case. Call us for help.

"Talented and well versed in Military Law"

Tom was assigned to me through the Trial Defense Unit of the NY Army National Guard. He was my representation while I faced a Flight Evaluation Board. Through his already robust knowledge of Military protocols and his enthusiasm with educating himself on Aviation centric regulations we were able to show up to the board prepared and from a position of strength. This preparedness, combined with his powerful courtroom presence led to a favorable decision by the board for me. As far as military matters are concerned I could have asked for no better representation. Thank you Tom.



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