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Over 100 Years Of Combined Experience
Raiser & Kenniff is a premier military criminal defense law firm. Our team of military criminal lawyers has over 50 years of combined experience, handling all types of criminal defense cases, both military and civil. Our founding partners were both former JAG Officers and Former Prosecutors in New York. Some of our military criminal attorneys have handled some of the toughest criminal defense cases in the USA.
Our military criminal lawyers have experiences handling tough cases that other military criminal defense law firms turn down. If you are accused of committing a crime, we encourage you to contact our law firm immediately. We are available 24/7 to help you get legal help with your case. Regardless of where your case is, we can travel to you. Our attorneys have experience in most major courts.

Types of Courts-Martial

General Courts-Martial. A General Courts-Martial (GCM) is the highest trial used to adjudicate the most serious offenses under the UCMJ.  A GCM can adjudge the widest range of offenses, within the limits proscribed by each offense, including confinement, fines, forfeiture of pay and allowances, reduction in grade, and, for certain offenses, death.

Special Courts Martial.  Special Courts-Martial generally try misdemeanor level offenses.  The maximum punishments at a Special Courts Martial are more limited than those available at a GCM.  The maximum term of confinement is one year.  Other authorizes sentences include up to three months hard labor, reduction to lowest pay grade and a bad conduct discharge.

Summary Courts-Martial.  Summary Courts-Martial adjudicate the most minor offenses utilizing expedited and simplified procedures.  Only enlisted members can be tried before a Summary Courts-Martial.  The maximum permissible punishments are 30 days confinement; 45 days hard labor; forfeiture of thwo-thirds’s pay for one month; and reduction to lowest pay grade.

"Talented and well versed in Military Law"

Tom was assigned to me through the Trial Defense Unit of the NY Army National Guard. He was my representation while I faced a Flight Evaluation Board. Through his already robust knowledge of Military protocols and his enthusiasm with educating himself on Aviation centric regulations we were able to show up to the board prepared and from a position of strength. This preparedness, combined with his powerful courtroom presence led to a favorable decision by the board for me. As far as military matters are concerned I could have asked for no better representation. Thank you Tom.



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